Information concerning Wasapark, Dresden and Radebeul.

Radebeul is a garden-city with a high living quality in close proximity to Dresden.

The surrounding areas consist of villa-like residential buildings with 2 to 3 floors that blend perfectly with the leafy environment. The frontage to Meißner street consists of commercial and residential buildings

View from House 2 of Wasapark on Radeberg's vineyards.

View from House 2 of Wasapark on Radeberg's vineyards.

Location Criteria

Because of its central situation (8km to Dresden's centre) and close proximity to the nearby highway (2km to slip-road Dresden Neustadt) and airport (8km to Airport Dresden Klotsche), Wasapark can be reached easily and fast. Access to public transportation like tram and suburban railway can be described as excellent.

Facts and information

- Size: ca. 20000 m²

- Buildings:

Wasapark consists of one 3-floored, one 5-floored and two 6-floored buildings as well as a canteen, a boiler-house and two archive-housing buildings.

- equipment:

- textile flooring in all rooms
- vertical-lamella sun-blinds in all rooms
- windows facing to the south have additional solar protection
- Windows facing the street insulating-glassed, with noise protection level 3(House (Home) 4)
- flexible room layout

Facts and information

How to reach us

By car:

From the highway-exit Dresden Neustadt, drive in the direction of Radebeul on the Kötschenbroder Straße as far as crossroad Spitzhausstraße (petrol-station to the left). There you enter the Spitzhaus road to the right. Follow the road until you reach the crossroad at Meißner road. Enter the Meißner road to the left. After another 400m, enter Wasastraße. You will reach the 4 buildings of Wasapark via entrance 1 at Wasastraße 50.

By train:

From Dresden main station or from railroad station Dresden Neustadt, take the train S1 into the direction of Meißen Triebischtal and exit the train at Radebeul East. If starting at the airport, take the train S2 into the direction of Pirna until you arrive at Dresden Neustadt. Exit S2 and take S1 into the direction of Meißen Triebischtal and exit the train at Radebeul East.

By Taxicab:

Transfer-time from
- main station: ca. 20 minutes.
- airport: ca. 10 to 15 minutes
(depending on traffic density).

You can find detailed information on the maps below. The complete description is also available for download as .pdf-file (You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the file).

We are looking forward to your visit at Wasapark Radebeul.Have a safe and comfortable travel! !

Wasapark Radebeul  -  Wasastraße 50  -  01445  -  Radebeul  -  Telefon: +49 (0) 351 833-9 84 22