Privacy Policy !

§1 Preamble

The Larmac-Düssel GmbH is committed to protect your personal information. This privacy policy describes in detail, which personal data we collect and how these information are handled. Please take your time to inform yourself about our privacy convention.

§2 Storage of personal information

For proper contract implementation we need to store information like your name, address, and E-Mail-address. Further data like bank-account information will only be stored if you enter financial transactions with Larmac-Düssel GmbH. If you received services from Larmac-Düssel GmbH, address information has already been stored. We will transmit this information only to authorized individuals, groups or companies, or to individuals, groups or companies with which you are already affiliated. Under no circumstances will we use your contact information to send unwanted advertising. Furthermore we will not release personal information to third parties, which are not involved in the project process. Additionally your browser automatically transmits information like IP-address, the used web-browser and time of visit to Larmac-Düssel GmbH, when you access our web-pages. This information will, partly anonymously, also be stored.

§3 Usage of cookies

We use cookies on several pages. They serve to make our presentation more user-friendly, more effective and more secure. Cookies are small pieces of information which are stored on your computer and are used by your web-browser. Most of our cookies remain on your computer, enabling the site to recognise your computer when you visit our website again. If it becomes necessary you can erase the cookies in your web-browser. Larmac-Düssel GmbH uses cookies to accelerate navigation, to adapt our homepage to your needs and interests and to prevent abuse of our homepage. Additionally cookies are used to measure the frequency of website accesses, general navigation and placement of advertising. You can set your browser to inform you before accepting cookies or to refuse storage of cookies. In that case however, we will store the cookies on our servers and use them regularly during your session. After a maximum of 48 hours following your visit, these cookies will be erased.

§4 Usage of personal information

We use your personal information to ensure secure, effective and customer related usage of our services. Your personal information will be used for the following:
- Making sure our website matches your requirements
- Creation and publication of contents relevant to your interests
- Providing services you requested or purchased
- Notifying you about updates and news on request
- Granting access to restricted areas of our website
According to your or Larmac-Düssel GmbH's settings, we will also notify you per e-mail about specific events or offers.

§5 Safety of personal information

In special cases we are bound legal regulations to transmit personal information to third parties. Transmission of personal information to third parties can also take place if you directly agreed to the transmission. If serving clarification of cases of abuse or general legal prosecution, personal information will also be transmitted to legal authorities and affected third parties. This also applies if your contract between you and Larmac-Düssel GmbH is already terminated. The requirement for such a transmission however is that Larmac-Düssel GmbH has founded and documented evidence for an abuse. Transmission of personal information is also permitted, if third parties are assigned by Larmac-Düssel GmbH to process information. Here are a few exemplary situations in which personal information are passed on:
- External service providers: some companies offer services affiliated with Larmac-Düssel GmbH. If you use their respective services and supply personal information or agree to your personal information to be transmitted, usage of your personal information is subject the third party company's privacy policy. To facilitate usage of services, these companies are partly supported by transmitting personal information. However this will only be done if you subscribed to the third party company and if you have expressly permitted transmission of personal information by Larmac-Düssel GmbH. Since we are unable to control usage of your information by third party companies, you are advised to inform yourself about their privacy policy prior to subscribing to their services.
- Internally assigned service providers: Larmac-Düssel GmbH internally assigns service providers to support information processing and therefore transmits personal information to these companies. In some cases, the service provider will address you directly to request necessary information. In all other cases this third party company is bound to our privacy policy. Transmission of personal information by these companies is prohibited.
- Public authorities and authorised third parties: the website providers are legally bound to transmit personal information to public authorities on request. These include: criminal persecution authorities, authorities prosecuting legal transgressions associated with civil penalties and tax authorities.

§6 Access to personal information

We provide the necessary means to keep your information accurate and up to date. Furthermore you can check and modify your personal information on request.

$7 Modification of information

Larmac-Düssel GmbH updates the content of this privacy policy in irregular intervals. At these points the date of last alteration at the end of the document will also be adapted. In case of fundamental changes to this document, the website provider will notify you on this page in a highly visible manner.

§8 Contact information

Larmac-Düssel GmbH will gladly accept any comments concerning our privacy policy. You can address our company management for specific questions. You can contact us by E-mail , Telephone


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