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By a verdict from 12th of May in 1998 the district court Hamburg decided that by posting links to external websites one can be held liable for the contents of the respective website. According to the court, this can only be prevented by distancing oneself from the respective website's contents. Larmac-Düssel GmbH is responsible for its own website's contents according to general law.

Our own contents have to be distinguished from links to contents of third party websites. External contents linked to are neither created by Larmac-Düssel GmbH nor does Larmac-Düssel GmbH have the ability to influence contents of external websites. Contents of external websites do under no circumstances reflect the opinion of Larmac-Düssel GmbH and serve only the purpose of information and to represent correlations.

Larmac-Düssel GmbH can not be held liable for external contents to which we merely referred. Responsibility lies with the external website's provider alone.

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